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Conversely, Ovi et al. (2014)reported report a positive effect of bank market power on revenue diversification for a sample of 153 commercial banks operating in five ASEAN countries. In the same vein, Nguyen et al. (2016) provided evidence that African banks with greater market power, both in lending and deposit markets,generated generate higher income from non-traditional activities. Recently, Sudrajad and Hübner (2018)found find a positive relationship between bank market power and revenue diversification in the context of six ASEAN countries during the period 2002-2015.Breast cancer (BCa) is the most prevalent cause of cancer deaths among women throughout the world every yearly and as a serious health issue expected to approximately 1.67 million new cases are important today. Determination of the factors that cause BCa and for correct identification of the treatment is known to be so important. Recently, Ttelomere made on the molecular mechanism of BCa research shown to be important roles. But what type of cancer it is or how the effect ofTelomere telomere length has not been revealed unfortunately full profile. So what kind of telomere shortening in cancer is not clear that the change in the length of which types of cancer. However, according to data in the literature to be active in many human cancers it has been determined that telomere length and telomerase showed up-regulated properties or important molecules that affect telomere length is necessary to define the genes.Information on the work done shows hints of us can take an active role in telomere cancerous process. So in this review, our aim was to summarize  we aimedaimed to reveal in this review by summarizing the importance of breast cancer, with studies of telomere length. Telomere length (contraction/extension) and the enzyme telomerase activity (high/low) to demonstrate the cancer-specific profiles that we think it can help us to BCa diagnosis and treatment. We believe that this assembly will shed light on the work to be done in the future regarding the telomeres and BCa.