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Engine Oil performance booster

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@@@ treatment is an engine oil performance boosterenhancer that maximizes the lubricating effectsperformance of engine oil by using the powerful tribological properties of nanocarbon crystals.


1.     Createsd super lubricating film and restoresation of engine damage

Nano sized (10 nm) carbon crystals are dispersed evenly into the engine oil, and improvinge oilthe viscosity of the oil, forming a strong lubricating film and sticking to the damaged surfaces to restore damaged parts of the engine.


2.     Extendsed engine life by minimizinge the friction

The thick oil film minimizes engine wear on engine by reducingthe friction helping toand extended the engine life


3.     Improvesd engine starts up

70% of engine wear is caused duringoccurs at start-up, butand the product's lubrication layer remainsis kept stable and thick even when the machine is not running, which makes the engine easier to startgreatly improves start-up and always ensuresimproves lubrication even in cold weather.


4.     Extendsed engine oil life

The thick oil film minimizes friction on the engine surface which lowers the temperature of the engine oil as well asand the engine. Lower engine oil temperatures reduce the rate of  minimizes oxidizing of the engine oil and extendsed engine oil life.


5.     Reducesd noise and smoke

TheBall bearing effect of the nanocarbon crystal's ball-bearing effect and the thick oil film reduce the engine noise and vibration. The oil film seals the gap between the cylinder 1wall and piston, that preventing the incomplete combustion of fuel and reducinge carthe emissions.


6.     Increasesd the car's horsepower and fuel economy

La película de lubricación de espesor que se produce por el cristal de carbono nano sellar completamente la parte deslizante del cilindro, reduciendo así al mínimo la pérdida de energía , y aumentar la economía de combustibleThe thick lubrication film that is produced by the nano carbon crystal completely seal the sliding part of the cylinder, thereby minimizing the energy loss, and increasing fuel economy.