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UC Application Essay

Thank you so much for the help on my UC Essays earlier this week. I submitted three but I edited one and want your opinions. Any help, either grammatical or content-wise would be helpful. I'm kind of scared this one doesn't really make sense in only 350 words.
Essay . Deadline 2019-12-06

Beyond what has already been shared in your application, what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admission to the University of California?

I admire the inclusive spirit of the University of California. I grew up in humble conditions, yet it was those conditions, that taught me so much about support and dedication. Through the support of scholarships, I attendedwas fortunate  enough to attend a plethora of extracurriculars, and enrolled in a private education school on scholarship. TWhile these opportunities expanded my character, both physically and cognitively, they did so at the expense of my self-image. Knowing two different worlds led to higher understanding of the nuances of life.a condition where I felt like I was an outsider in every situation. While I feel as comfortable playing pickup basketball at the run-down corner courts, as I do at a Hilton gala in a three-piece suit, I know comfortability does not equal acceptance. Despite how comfortable I may feel in either situation, I know I will never fully understand either of those worlds. I don’t comprehend all of the slang that gets thrown around at the courts, nor will I ever fully experience the culture and customs of growing up in Mexico, as my parents did, despite how much I cherish my Mexican roots. Furthermore, I don’t know what privilege tastes like. I have never traveled through Europe on a whim, nor has my family thrown magnificent holiday parties. This lack of full integration with either world leads to my persona being completely depicted by how others see me. I have been stopped on the street corner while going on a run late at night, and I have been granted leeway and privilege when acting erroneously just because I was wearing a suit. While this dual-citizenship of social class has its positives and negatives, it has granted me a larger world view, to not only understand the perspectives of multiple groups but live them. I feel I have the ability to strike up a conversation with any person and talk about something that directly correlates to their lives due to my own experiences in the world. I believe that it is these diverse perspectives that I can bring to the UC system.