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Statement of Intent for UF

there are two essay I have to write in order to transfer and be accepted at a certain university. I feel I did a pretty decent job, but any help/critic on either of my essays would be greatly appreciated :)
Essay . Deadline 2019-12-10

What are the core skills and knowledge you hope to acquire by completing a degree in this major and how do you plan to apply these when you graduate?

  To me, there is much more to accomplish at a college other than earning a degree. By enrolling into higher education, I expect not only to improve my critical thinking but to also discover people from different backgrounds and new ideas that I may never have encountered before.By enrolling yourself into a higher education, it is expected to not only improve your critical thinking, but to also discover people from different backgrounds and new ideas that one may never have encountered before. Although it is these skills that I hope to acquire at the University of Florida. As, as an aspiring economics major at UF, I seek to understand how quantitative or qualitative measures impact society. as we try to make rational decisions based on the changing landscape of the economy. By doing so, I am ready to be challenged by the high expectations of the school, whether that may be through the coursework of the major, its professors, or the driving ambition that other students possess. By the end of my formation, I will professionally analyze finances.As I undergo the study of my major, it will prepare me for the profession of financial analytics. I will be , where I hope to be a valuable asset to whichever organization I am going to be a part of. My aspiration is to become something greater than I currently am. I believe I can obtain the expertise and knowledge necessary to achieving this goal at the University of Florida.

Please provide any other information about yourself that you feel will help this college make an admission decision. This may include work, research, volunteer activities or other experiences pertaining to the degree program.

  By being involved in my father’s construction business, I have gainedWith my involvement in my father’s business in construction, it had given me insight on how economics has a lasting impact on society. One example includes how businesses and consumers react when the relationship between demand and supply are altered. When studying this relationship, gathering and analyzing huge sums of data is vital. This has prompted me into learning how to code in programming languages such as Python and R, giving me an appreciation on how professionals such as those in the Federal Reserve use these tools to help make influential decisions. As I am grateful for having these experiences, andI will continue to accelerate my own personal growth. Especially at UF, where it is a big university in a small town, helping create a certain atmosphere that allows people to freely explore and innovate new ideas. If i'm honored to be accepted at UF, I plan to join the organizations such as the University Economics Society, the Florida Financial Management Association, the Hispanic Student Association, and the Data Science and Informatics Student Organization. While I could accomplish similar goals at different universities, I believe that University of Florida will allow me to not only accomplish, but also to flourish in the process.