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Opening paragraph of my Personal statement

It's the opening paragraph of my SOP. I have been looking at it for weeks now and nothing and everything looks awkward to me. Can someone critique this or help me phrase it in a more succinct way? Also please comment on it if the message of the para seems not clear/ blurry? It's the opening para and I'd like to convey my entire reason for applying to the degree as clearly as possible.
Personal statement . Deadline 2020-01-04

The two most prominent themes in my life are computers and languagesIf my life were a book, its two most prominent themes would be- computers and languages. On the surface, they may seem unrelated; for me, however, they have always been intertwined.Two very dissimilar disciplines; for me, however, they have always been intertwined. My undergraduate degree in Information Technology has made me look at languages through the lens of technology, and my penchant for everything language-related has taught me to be creative when confronted with challenging technical problems.  Given how embedded these two fields are in my life and career, I aspire to work in an interdisciplinary area where I can utilise my formal education in technology and integrate my passion for languages together. In that sense, I can think of nothing better suited to my aspirations and skillsetno other domain than Natural Language Processing(NLP) as better suited to my aspirations and skillset. NLP is a field that sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer science, and linguistics and is concerned with the interaction of computers and human language. A strong background in Computer Science- especially in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would give me a solid base with which to work  (towards) exploring the problems of NLP that interest me. With that in mind, I have taken up the decision to apply for the esteemed Master of Computer Science at XXX University, and I thank you for your time and consideration.