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by fernanda Neutral style Informative

CHAPTER 2 - TECHNICAL BACKGROUND: STATE OF THE ART OF BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACES    2.1 Introduction   Artificial intelligence is an innovative technology that begins to abandon the laboratory and science fiction books to become a reality that can transform our society. People are surrounded by intelligent machines running on incredibly …

Thesis . 5969 words . Deadline 2020-01-09
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faruq hicham
Tomato Farming in Turkey
by ertugrul

ভূমিকা Introduction Tomato cultivation in Turkey plays an important economic role and it constitutes almost 40% of the total vegetable production (Aksoy and Kaymak, 2016;  Guvenc, 2019 ). Global tomato production is currently 130 million tons. The top five largest tomato producers are China, the European Union, India, the USA, …

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hicham harville
by haykel

Conversely, Ovi et al. (2014) r epo r t reported a positive effect of bank market power on revenue diversification for a sample of 153 commercial banks operating in five ASEAN countries. In the same vein, Nguyen et al. (2016) provide evidence that African banks with greater market power, both …

Journal article . 90 words
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by ebubekir

Conversely, Ovi et al. (2014) reported repor t a positive effect of bank market power on revenue diversification for a sample of 153 commercial banks operating in five ASEAN countries. In the same vein, Nguyen et al. (2016) provide d evidence that African banks with greater market power, both in …

Journal article . 346 words . Deadline 2019-12-21
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Sport attitudes
by risk

Attitudes T t owards S s ports P p articipation A a mong S s tudents I i n A a R r ural S s etting Risk Matiya   The current study sought to explore the attitudes of rural students in a rural area of Bikita district towards …

Journal article . 188 words . Deadline 2019-12-31
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hicham fatma
research report
by hossein

এই গবেষণার উপর ভিত্তি করে তৈরি করা এটি চিত্তাকর্ষণের জন্য যে চৌদ্দদ্বীপ বিশ্লেষণ করা হয়েছে টিইএফএল চার্চ ধর্মগ্রন্থ পত্রিকা হিসাবে চিহ্নিত ক্ষেত্র, যেমন ইংরেজি জার্নাল একটি ক্যাডেমিক পি পি ইউপোজস, জার্নাল এস ইকোনড এল ডিগ্রি ডাব্লিউ ডাব্লিউ রিটিং, লিটল সি সি ওমোনিকেশন এবং স্টেটরিফিক এফ এফ বা এস এর pecific …

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by litsa Assignment on Research Integrity

Why do you think improper practice in publication is damaging to the integrity of research in your discipline? Improper practice in publication can be found in all aspects of a publication: writing, submission, revision, publication and communication. It involves fabricating, falsifying or withholding data, plagiarism, exaggerating importance or drawing unsupported …

Essay . 350 words . Deadline 2019-12-13
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harville litsa fatma
Engine Oil performance booster
by amine English is my second language, every time when I post, I am very embarrassed because my english writing. But I know here is best place to get review on my writing. I am very open to everything (recommendation, criticism, etc...) Would you be able to review the writing for me …

@@@ treatment is an engine oil performance booster enhancer that maximizes the lubricating effects performance of engine oil by using the powerful tribological properties of nanocarbon crystal s .   1.     Create s d super lubricating film and restor es ation of engine damage Nano sized (10 nm) …

Pitch . 394 words . Deadline 2020-01-02
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by sue

The following comments are not an effort to cajole conjole , nor they   are they filled with blandishment, but to express the deep deep appreciation of your quotidian, inveterate equanimity even in the most trying, egregious situations. Thank you for your tireless indefatigable wit acumen and candor. I hope …

117 words
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harville amine patrick fatma
University education should be free
by riz

I agree that university education should be free of cost ,   because I think that there are so many people who cannot pay f or it.  I have multiple some reasons for this. First, there are many smart people  who cannot pay for it , too .  Henceforth, so …

Essay . 170 words
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Do university rankings matter ?
by manurung Hey guys! It'd be great if y'all could take a look and rate my essay for a class. I wrote this in a casual and unstructured way, kind of in the style of a blog post. Tell me what you think and feedback is definitely appreciated!

To cut to the chase, yes and no. But hopefully by the end of the article, I can convince you the answer is, or at least to me, mostly yes. In some Asian cultures where grades hold significantly high er importance, it’s largely the be-all and end-all of employment opportunities. …

Essay . 250 words . Deadline 2019-12-19
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Boyfriend's Birthday Message
by amelia just want some help to make my message cheesier or more deep/sensical for his birthday. (If there are grammatical errors, feel free to correct it) Thanks everyone! Spread the loveee.

Seriously won the jackpot having found you hehe found -- my greatest friend, the handsome engineer that you are handsome engineer , my best adventure, and someone with a great, amazing, fantastic, lovely that has a best personality. All of these compliments are true (not because it's your birthday) but  …

Private message . 97 words . Deadline 2019-12-03
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UC Application Essay
by shar Thank you so much for the help on my UC Essays earlier this week. I submitted three but I edited one and want your opinions. Any help, either grammatical or content-wise would be helpful. I'm kind of scared this one doesn't really make sense in only 350 words.

Beyond what has already been shared in your application, what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admission to the University of California ? I admire the inclusive spirit of the University of California. I grew up in humble conditions , yet it was those …

Essay . 388 words . Deadline 2019-12-06
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Motivation letter for an internship in Ireland
by skyline I want this to be authentic and since english isn't my native language, you don't have to add extended vocab or phrases. Just check if everything is fitting (especially use of words and grammar!). Thank you so much!

In this document, i want to elaborate why i applied for the position of a foreign-language assistant for German in Ireland. I have been thinking about an extended stay abroad since a long time. Sadly, private and family-related reasons that occurred after finishing my “Abitur” (German national exams taken at …

Cover letter . 692 words . Deadline 2019-12-03
Email for job application
by ishita Hello, I am applying for a job for technical writer post and I want to know if I can improve this email. Thank you.

D ear S s ir/ Mad m am, I am I'm writing you in regard s ing t o t he technical writer position job posted I've seen on your company website. Fulfilling the qualifications mentioned, I am excited to submit my resume to you for consideration. I am a …

Email . 133 words . Deadline 2019-12-02
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lazy hector
Statement of Intent for UF
by magdalena there are two essay I have to write in order to transfer and be accepted at a certain university. I feel I did a pretty decent job, but any help/critic on either of my essays would be greatly appreciated :)

What are the core skills and knowledge you hope to acquire by completing a degree in this major and how do you plan to apply these when you graduate?   To me, there is much more to accomplish at a college other than earning a degree. By enrolling into higher …

Essay . 537 words . Deadline 2019-12-10
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harville hector
Dreams and aspirations
by karan Hi I have an essay about dreams and aspirations as my homework. Is there any corrections I should make? I’m a very bad writer so I need lots of help. Anything is appreciated.

People all have dreams and aspirations whether they are realistic or not . For example, in Of Mice and Men, a novel written by John Steinbeck, the characters George and Lennie have a dream to own a farm and live peacefully. In the short story The Necklace, written by Guy …

Essay . 792 words . Deadline 2019-12-10
Opening paragraph of my Personal statement
by manurung It's the opening paragraph of my SOP. I have been looking at it for weeks now and nothing and everything looks awkward to me. Can someone critique this or help me phrase it in a more succinct way? Also please comment on it if the message of the para seems …

The two most prominent themes in my life are computers and languages If my life were a book, its two most prominent themes would be- computers and languages . On the surface, they may seem unrelated; for me, however, they have always been intertwined. Two very dissimilar disciplines; for me, …

Personal statement . 250 words . Deadline 2020-01-04
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Arguments against the diamond industry
by chaouiy I'm not a native speaker and I acknowledge that my grammar is really terrible but I'm trying my best here.

Diamonds have been used as decorative items since ancient times; they are highly valued and treasured in many cultures and countries around the world. Diamonds are also a symbol of wealth, eternal love, and commitment. Despite the various represent ations of these symbols and their have a significant value, approximately …

Essay . 615 words . Deadline 2019-12-04
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Traffic problems
by shar

Congested road s are a headache for many modern cities, whether whetever it's the dail e y bottleneck s when going to or during the entering and leaving work or endless delays on motorways. This is an increasingly frequent problem a problem and more and more frequently in my town. …

Essay . 172 words . Deadline 2019-11-30
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Another Me - Chapter One
by lordki

Cody Fletcher started his new life in a at a place that should only exist in his imagination.  He used to be a normal teenage boy with a normal teenage life. At the very moment he set foot in on that magic tunnel, he had chosen a path of no …

Manuscript . 760 words
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harville fatma